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Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar finally tied knots so as their relationship status also changed from today. Many congratulations to both of them. Out of curiosity I just pulled Milind Soman’s horoscope which I found in with Rodden Rating AA which means pretty accurate birth details.

Milind Soman has been an actor, model, producer and he is also known as a great sports person, fitness promoter.

His career started in 1995 and he has been in lead roles, supporting roles in many movies, TV series and he has a producer of some reality shows. Milind Soman, 53 finally got married in Venus Dasha which started in June 2018. As Venus Dasha started in 2018 and as he married now, you will see a very dramatic rise in his career from now. So from 2018 to 2038 Venus dasha will stay in his life. Venus the 7th lord in the 9th house will change in image as an actor and may be taking him to a different height. It may be a period where he will travel a lot on many foreign assignments.

From 1995 to 2011 he has been under mercury dasha which happens to be the 3rd and 6th lord and is placed with Lagna lord and 8th lord mars and ketu created a vipareet Raj yoga and he has been making names as a champion swimmer, runner etc but as an actor somehow this period did not give much stardom as mainstream actors of his era. From 2011 till 2018 Ketu Dasha started and this period may have been mediocre with Ketu’s placement in 8th house with Mars and mercury. But from June 2018 he has been in limelight with his photos being shot with Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar and then now his wedding.

In D-10 Venus is placed in 5th house. He may be doing a lot of production, direction as well as acting during this period. Milind Soman is very talented actor and by God’s grace his great time of success as an artist has started, so let’s wish him luck in his martial as well as career Journey.




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