Minority Report Star Samantha Morton opened up child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuses, abuse of women at work place, abuse of women and children at home, abuse of women at streets have become rampant in almost all countries. If you think that this is something that happens increasingly in under-developed countries then you may get wrong.

Statistics suggest that reported cases of abuse against women are there in developed countries too. It seems women all around the world are vulnerable to abuse and violence.

Teenagers are much more vulnerable of sexual abuse in the form of inappropriate touch and even violent physical or mental abuse. With the technological advancement the world has become smarter place and we have become more techno-savvy. Our lives improved, life style changed and we get more financially well-off but most likely it is observed that with advancement in technology, economy, trade we become more prosperous economically while it has left the world with poor ethical or moral values.

We as responsible human beings should strongly object and prevent all kind of abuse against women.

Minority Report Star Samantha Morton, 33, who spent a major chunk of her childhood in institutions said she was abused by two perpetrators during her time in care. She was embarrassed to report the abuse to anybody thinking that nobody will believe. These two abusers were having anice guy image for the world around them while they turned out to be creepy monsters in disguise.

The world has full of such creepy monsters in disguise those look as if they are nicest, well-behaved people while they turn out to be someone else. School-going girls are much more vulnerable in their schools from their male schoolmates who take different names to insult, touch or advance inappropriately while they are equally vulnerable in the streets where they are subject to harsh comments. If you think homes are the safest places for them you may not be true as per reports most of the sexual abuses are committed by people who know the victims very well.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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