Mirch Review

Genre : Social/ComedyDirector : Vinay Shukla

Cast : Shreyas Talpade, Mahie Gill, Shahana Goswami, Konkona Sen Sharma, Raima Sen, Arunoday Singh, Prem Chopra, Saurabh Shukla, Tisca Chopra, illa Arun

Mirch Movie Review


Mirch Movie Review
Mirch, the name itself suggests about a movie with all spicy stuff. Mirch has a steamy storyline, theme and subject of female sexuality and voluptuous adultery, love-making scenes to grab the audience attention. Anything with a theme of sexuality indeed gets sold with a high price and when it comes to cinema indeed this so-called formula grabs attention in the short-run. It is only due to the fact that Taboo subjects always have an element of mystery to it, we in general may want to get away from it as it questions our morality but as truth sounds more harsh we know that it is our human nature which chases such so-called social stigma in order to unfold the secretes of taboo, uncover its very essence, explore the mysterious surface. These subjects may arouse the level of testosterone in blood while it may turn you on sinfully.
Mirch mixes the ancient sensuality with Modern day sexuality. It is a story which unfolds 4 more stories of sensual adultery, this film may have been labeled with the tagline or genre of comedy but its very essence is to capture the sensual minds of people with its witty, cleverly crafted stories with the main storyStory
It is a story of female adultery, a story which centers abound 4 major character who indulges into acts of playful adultery. Maanav (Arunoday Singh) is a struggling film-maker who has no intention to compromise with the scripts he has written while his girlfriend Ruchi (
The story in the film is also about 4 unfortunate, boring men (Rajpal Yadav, Prem Chopra, Shreyas Talpade, Boman Irani) out of which two characters are part of the medieval stories while the other are freshly contemporary, their wives cheat on them
Arunoday Singh has a central role to play in this film and he has got a chance to occupy impressive screen space while all other actors are simply superb. Konkona Sen who is known for her theatrical style of acting has got an entirely different role-play while Raima Sen may impress you with her sesual eyes and sexy looks. Rajpal Yadav as usual is brilliant while Boman Irani is outstanding, Shreyas Talpade and Sushant singh are as good as expected
Director Vinay Shukla's come back after his career-threatening KOI MERE DIL SE POOCHHE and critically acclaimed Godmother has a special package for the audience as he has come up this time to offer a light-hearted film labeled as comedy with a serious taboo social issue like adultery. This film has an underlying message to of gender equality which is raised through a witty, humorous plot with 4 subplots interwoven. If men can do it and wriggle out scot-free then why not women. To add up excitement he has chosen two female characters who cheats on their husbands. Mirch has a flavor that can take the audience to a level of clean ecstasy with it breathtaking stories of love-making and adultery especially the ancient 2 stories but unfortunately the 2nd half is not impressively engaging as somehow it looses its flow. As per the cinematography goes it mixes the modern with medieval while music has less scope to penetrate into the kind of story and script written for the film.

Tough the film presents erotic food semi-cooked with the fire of sensual ecstasy it still marks a limit to the erotic display, there are love-making scenes but they can not be labeled as sleazy but yet able to touch the sensual zones of mind.


A good watch for the weekend with a different theme !
Rating : 3/4
Review written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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