Money, charity and entrepreneurship


It is always advisable to think of making big money to make life prosperous but do retain all your human qualities in order to add value to the world around you by adding value to the lives of others, this can only be possible when the attitude of charity and entrepreneurship goes hand in hand.

Do you know who stops us from all the worthy money-making or spiritual goals?
Our subconscious holds us back. Do we know how the mind works?
Mind achieves all worldly and spiritual pursuits through its subconscious and supra conscious layers. Mind makes money and subconscious is the driving force. Mind has its dimensions of its consciousness: conscious mind, subconscious mind and super conscious mind. Ordinary humans who feel helpless to manifest money, matter and sprit are also conscious, but they are unconscious of the subconscious and super conscious layers of the mind. We even most of the time seem to be unconscious of the conscious mind. As long as we are ignorant of the knowledge of truth and god we will remain unconsciously conscious.

Subconscious mind is like the computer which takes data as inputs and processes the outputs. The back end programming of the subconscious mind does not feel the emotions: anger, fear, and happiness but the front-end dimension of mind which we call the conscious mind reacts to every emotion. To simplify let's go with examples: A poor man of the past becomes the rich in the present, a lean man becomes muscular, a back-bencher in the class room becomes the topper of the class, a sinner becomes a saint, wild animals are domesticated, monks levitate in the thin air, and a sharp sphere cannot pierce a monk's body.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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