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In a money centric world one's success is always judged by his material possessions, cash flow and the reserve of money and this societal attitude towards money makes us believe that all worldly goals, ambitions and purposes get manifested when the monetary goals are manifested but in the process we forget that with the fulfillment of monetary goals we just fulfill an element of the purpose of life.

When these monetary goals are not fulfilled they cause a lot of psychological difficulties and when fulfilled they make the one who fulfills it run restlessly and greedily behind more money and possessions. The desire to multiply the amount of wealth one possesses makes him work only for money andnot for satisfaction and internal peace and well-being.

A highly materialistic man who has a certain amount of money will try to make it double and when it doubles, he tries to multiply it into more and more but his greed never ends, therefore he spends all his time, energy and life for making, multiplying and to some extent hoarding but sadly he does not realize that a very trivial portion of his money is able to give him all the peace that the ample amount of it can not bring and rather brings a lot of mental unrest and fear.

With the gain of something we loose something either by design or destiny but definitely something goes out of life and something comes in.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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