Money has no character

Money has no character, it reflects the character of its owner, and hence money is neutral. It may have the role in the prosperity or poverty of an individual, society or a nation, but it has no bias toward anyone. If we still hold onto the idea that money is the root of all evil, think again, reflect deeply, it. is not the root of all evil as it is the root from where all kind of prosperity springs.    
Money can buy you a big home with all coziness and comforts but all big homes are not happy homes and some big homes are sadly the homes of loneliness and aloofness. This is pure truth as we know that money is as important as relations. What is the value of money if it cannot maintain and strengthen our loveliest relations? Even the richest man in the world will feel lonely and deprived if some of his dear bonds of love break. Life may be possible with mediocre money but life is impossible without true love and true relations.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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