Money is a result of toil- one more myth about money

Money comes with hard work. If hard work alone can give all the money we desire then why yet we live in a society where the distribution of money is remarkably inequitable. It’s a  fact  that  people  who  are  smart-minded  and  possess  some  kind  of  unique  core- competency that is either latent or not manifested in lots of others are the rich ones. An idea which can be capitalized manifests money but most often the conceivers or pioneers only show  the  way  to  the  smart  people  of  smart  business  acumen  to  generate  big  money through their innovative or inventive ideas, but they may not be necessarily big money makers. For instance,     shy away from selling their art and those who are confident in selling make big in the world. We may come across people of great talent and capability whom we feel distinctively endowed, but they may not be that rich that we think. Manifesting money is an art and the artist are smart enough people who sell the ideas and inventions of the inventors to the world and the world only remembers those who helped the ideas reach the people.
If one percent of the world population has ninety percent of wealth with them, it’s due to the power to manifest their ideas into services or products for the masses.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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