Money philosophy

Money philosophy is very simple as it’s like the philosophy behind life. Do we know that we are what we focus upon? When we focus to be men of character, honour and dignity, we imbibe the greattraits in us, when we focus to be rich we attract riches into life. Send the messages or set the programming in your subconscious about what we are likely to become and watch how you are getting transformed.
Those who live with moderate wealth are perhaps more inclined toward other sides of life which either create a sense of aloofness toward money or their content feelings about whatever little they have prevent them from money making, but those who are sensitive to the spiritual aspects of life certainly feel that money is essentially not something which can bring all great qualities somehow divine in nature in a person ,though greatness of a person can not be judged by his wealth, but here indeed this belief is just a belief when it comes to the quality of philanthropy done by those rich people who feel sensitive to the humanitarian causes and the quality of philanthropy done even by a poor who may be equally concerned about  those humanitarian sides and here the rich and poor who are equally sensitive to the same cause have their contributions done irrespective of the quantity of money spent by both. The true enrichment of human civilization is not due to any one person or a group  from the sameclass rather its due the shared responsibility of millions of people and their combined human traits and sensitivity to the world at large irrespective of their class , color and religion and indeed our beliefs to form a world where we can find a voice of unison from a common source of oneness enriches our societal values and here one’s true assets are his good deeds which benefits others and make him rich with relations truthful in nature and his true happiness is  his inner tranquility which comes as a gift of god.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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