Money vs spirituality

Those who manifest their souls are not different from us. The only difference is that they are realized from inside, and we are unrealized souls. If so many unbelievable things can be achieved from the power of mind, then why not money is manifested?


Though the attitude of making and multiplying money is a healthy sign for financial well-being but it may not assure spiritual or mental well-being. We can not think of living without money as it is the driving force of all financial systems but when this driving force of life makes us think nothing else except it , we certainly loose peace of mind , so here indeed a healthy balance is needed to run our lives smoothly.
Most of the time and in most cases we feel so attached to all our likings, dreams, desires that we feel nothing is more important than what we think and feel and even nothing should be more valuable than what we possess which make us envious when we feel someone has something more attractive or valuable than our belongings or our possessions, these self indulged feelings of being superior or important than others are capable of creating a big gap between our world from the world of others.


With all worldly pleasure we keep on living as if we are blessed with an eternal life and in the process we become so intertwined with the feelings of possession that we forget that all that we can ever possess will one day get detached from us. No life is made to enjoy immortality and every life since its origin progresses toward its termination and with the termination of life every thing attached to it suddenly becomes detached from it and the dead do not come to claim over what it had possessed.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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From the book the power of self-help

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 10,2011

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