MS Dhoni - Mahendra Singh Dhoni Horoscope

No introduction is needed for him. Evryone knows who he is.

Under his captaincy India has won several prestigious cricket matches, He is also captain of Chennai Super king in IPL. Indeed, he co-owns the team. He has been a great leader and blessed with great luck.

From astrological point of view his Ascendant is Gemini, mercury the lagna lord is placed in Lagna with the 3rd lord Sun. It has created Buddh-aditya Yoga in Lagna itself. Due to this is always on the top of the game.

6th lord and 11th lord Mars is in 12th house has given him lot of power to defeat opponents.  There is a strong Vipareet Rajyog formed in his horoscope.

3rd house of courage and power of hands and 6th house- ability to wipe out enemy should be strong in a cricketer’s chart. That is why MS Dhoni is super famous as a cricketer.

Venus is in 2nd house with Rahu gave him all the wealth.

7th lord and 10th lord together in 4th house is very good for career progess.
D-10 lagna lord Saturn is in exaltation with Jupiter which is 3rd and 12th lord.

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