Mulayam singh Yadav horoscope

 Mulayam singh Yadav has cancer ascendant. Ascendant or lagna lord is placed in 9th house of fortune. Moon the lagna lord is with Jupiter, 6th and 9th lord. This one indication alone tells about his great fortune. 9th house has no affliction from any malefic planet. And in the house of fortune a strong Gaja Keshari yoga is formed. That is why Mulayam Singh Yadav rose up to such a political height from almost no political background.


No planets in 12th and 6th while Mars is in 8th house. Mars in 8th house gave him daring to enter into politics in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. Mars in 5th lord and 10th lord placed in the 8th house has a complex meaning. 8th house being a very secretive house did it mean he secretly found the knowledge (5th house) and used it towards building a career, status and image through constant transformation as well as situations beyond his control. 8th house is a very occult house; hence its outcomes will be sudden and radical. 8th house is also a house of underworld, accidents, death of spouse, money from business, transformation of business and death of business partners as well as hidden wealth, secret wealth and real estate ( being 4th from 4th ). Mars is also a significator of land, real estate.

5th house has mercury, Venus and sun. 5th house is also 9th from 9th hence along with education, intelligence, progeny it is also a secondary house of luck or fortune. Ketu and Saturn are in Aries. Saturn is debilitated in Aries. As Saturn holds the ownership of 7th and 8th lord and debilitated, life of the first marriage was not long. Saturn is also Dark Karaka and retrograde. Hence it was inevitable.

His Atma Karaka is Venus

Amatya Karaka is retrograde mercury

Bhatri Kakara is Mars

Matri Karaka Sun

Putra Karaka is Jupiter in his horoscope.

Gnatikaraka is moon

Dara Karaka is Saturn.

There is powerful Jaimini Raj yoga with the placement of Atma Karaka, Venus with Amatya Karaka, and Mercury in 5th from Lagna. Saturn is aspecting both of them is another signification of power and authority. While in Navamsha Atma Karaka and Amatya Karka are in 2-12 axis. Amatya Karaka is aspected by the 5th lord Saturn in Navamsha and Dara Karaka while the Atma Karaka is aspected by putrakaraka in Navamsha. This planetary alignment itself tells about his continuous success in his career in politics.

From Karakamsha venus,mercury and sun are in 10th house tells about his success as a minister. There is a strong Royal connection with the placement of the royal planets Venus (for of luxury), mercury (for of trade, communication) and Sun (represents royalty).

Mulayam Singh Yadav became chief minister of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh from

1989-1991: he was running the Dasha Of venus Dasha. Venus is in Arudha Lagna

1993 to 1995: during the end of Jupiter Sub-period and beginning of Saturn: Saturn is debilitated in Rashi, Navamsa and dashamsha. Still he got the good results during Saturn sub-period. A point of research. I feel Saturn is placed in 10th house in birth chart while 7th house in Navamsha chart while Saturn is 11th from Dasamsha Chart. Was there a Niche Bhanga Raj Yoga?

2003 to 2007. He was again the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. During Sun Period and Saturn Sub-period. Surprisingly Saturn is debilitated in all the major divisional charts. Saturn being in the mid-heaven does the wonder here even if he is weak and debilitated. Saturn is in infancy state that means further weak. It should have hurt the 10th house of career badly but the reverse happened. Why? Saturn is retrograde in D-1. Retrograde planet in debility acts like an exalted planet with full of rays and visibility.

These are some of my observations. Detailed analysis may take extensive analysis but whatever research I have done mostly covers the important aspects of his life.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi




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