Mumbai Police team rescued 21 women from prostitution

4th Aug 2015: A Team of Mumbai police today raided the infamous Kashmir Bazaar. It is undoubtedly a brave move for the team. In 15 mins they were able to resuce 21 girls and arrested 3 pimps and a lady.

Agra’s Kashmir Bazaar is infamous for its 22 kothas. It is such a congested place that even small vehicle cannot enter. There was huge risk for the team of Mumbai police but their daring and swift action made it possible. Out of the 21 girls rescued 5 were from Maharashtra.

The gang would target girls aged 14 to 16 year old, having family problems or personal issues. The method was kidnapping with the help of sedatives or by luring the girls in the pretext of providing a job in Agra.

The girls rescued were from Maharashtra, UP and other parts of India. The rescue team further mentioned that there are more such girls stuck in the Bazaar.

Navi Mumbai police came in action when they got to know about the whereabouts of a kidnapped girl from Mumbai.


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