Muskesh Ambani the richest business tycoon- An astrological Insight

He owns the country’s biggest industry “Reliance Industries” under his business command

What are Reliance industries main line of business

1.      Refining

2.      Telecom, Retails and others

3.      Cash and current investments

4.      Oil and Gas

5.      Petrochemicals

 5 main lines of business, Refining tops the chart from where Reliance industries draw a major chunk of money while Retail and Telecom comes in the number 2 position.


Now let us analyze his horoscope to know his wealth giving planets. Like DhiruBhai Ambani Mukesh Ambani too has Saturn in 2nd house. Saturn in the 2nd house being the lord of 4th and 5th house tells about sustenance of Family wealth through capable handling of inherited wealth. Even if Saturn is in an enemy sign Scorpio, this Saturn comes in the 11th house from his Varnada Lagna which tells about the type of work that gives an income. Saturn in a water sign like Scorpio means his current daily source of income would majorly through underwater exploration, resources from deep within the soil, water etc. That very well tells about how refining, petrochemical and oil and Gas are the 3 main lines of his business. This 11th house has Rasi aspect of mercury, sun,venus and ketu.


His Hora Lagna which tells about his interest in certain business is in Gemini a dual sign and from the 7th from Hora Lagna is Sagittarius, Jupiter. Interestingly he has a telecom Business which is signified by Mercury or Gemini as well as finance and insurance business (Jupiter). Refining, petrochemical and investment through commercials and Oil and Gas were his legacy business lines. The new lines of businesses that he actually conceived by his capable mind, methods and actions were Telecom and Finance.

Let us check 11th from Arudha Lagna to know more about his sources of wealth. Mars placed in 11th house tells about his income from sports and sports related activities, machines, iron industry etc. 11th lord here is Venus which is joined with ketu, Sun,mercury out of which from Sun – Govt, Govt contracts, Gold he may gain very less while from foreign deals, Foreigners, Spinning mills, Telecom he will keep on gaining.


Special Notes: He is a born business Man as suggested by a cluster of planets in his 7th house while Saturn in the 7th house in the Dasamsa chart in its own house aspected by Rahu and conjoined Ketu tells about sustenance of inherited wealth.

Moon has an aspect on the 12th from AL and he idealy should saustain expenses in the retail business but as mercury is inimical to moon expenses would not incur.

Written and Analyzed By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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