Muti faith of soccer mania

Muti faith of soccer mania

Soccer is perhaps the most popular game among all other games, credit goes to millions of  its die-hard fans and followers from all parts of the globe and when it comes to the world cup football the kind of craze is maniacal, no one wants to miss even a moment of a match as they watch their favorite team and their football heroes out in the field.
South Africa, the host of this world cup was a place of great soccer activity, now the major places witness the kind of crowd that they might not have seen earlier, but what about the position of South Africa in this world cup. Most of the soccer experts predicted the expected loss of South Africa against Mexico long before the commencement of the match and the result was just according to the prediction made but interesting south Africa’s first goal against Mexico created a wave of rage and joy among the native African supporters. Some of the soccer fans believe that South Africa mat take advantage from its witchcraft or metaphysical things.
A practitioner of traditional magic in South Africa suggested the mix of horse’s foot and ostrich leg with some herbs to be applied on the knees and legs of the players in order to make magic goals. Most of natives believe that the South African team has a good chance to win the world cup not because of the reason that they are playing on home ground but as they have the benefit of Muti- south African witchcraft.
Muti is a part of their everyday life. It is believed to solve many of their domestic problems such as crop failure, getting jobs, marriage, infertility problems. Though the team denies of the use of muti or sangoma- a healer with the power of divination, it is believed that they must be using some form of witchcraft.
Though the team says that they are relying purely on excellence, some have spotted the team’s sangoma at their hotel.  The recent sacrifice of an ox at the soccer city is just to bless the team for a win against the opposition teams.
Even the head coach of a league suggests the use of muti on the jerseys of the players, at their dressing room and if possible on the field. Muti works at all levels of their play; it has become as famous as almost like a tradition that it has taken an expansion route through commercialization. It is definitely a subject to be debated. Some believe it as pure superstition while some have string belief in their muti. Even it was believed that Cameroon’s win against Mali in 2002 was due to the black spell dropped on the field.
Some of the coaches argue that if muti was so effective than South Africa would have won matches long before to counter that argument one fitness trainer said muti gets weak when it flies over oceans.
No one knows the outcome of the world cup certainly but South African traditional healers believe in their witchcraft.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Sports| Date : November 16,2011

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