My confession from a teenage day

I was a teenager; I completed my 10th standard that time.  During my school days I came in contact with few bad friends, they were spoilt in every manner. I don’t know how I became their friend. One of them was very sexually active even at that age. He asked me one day about my sexual experience. I was very reluctant to answer anything. He said you are a nerd and not man. Be a man. I told we are teenagers and we should restraint from all this. I told him that my parents always want me to be an ideal child of their. 

One day he planned to have a day outing nearby and insisted me to join. I told him that I have to take permission from my parents. Later he really kind of forced me to come. He drove his father’s car and picked me from a bus stop. I saw there were two girls already there in the backseat. He asked me to come to the front seat. During our journey I asked him you are not even 18 and how can your driver your father’s car, if we get caught then we will be in trouble. He just assured me that nothing will happen. He took me to a 2-star hotel, we all went in and the hotel staff welcomed him. I asked do you come to this hotel often. He said he knows the hotel staff.

There was a room booked in his name. We all went in; those two girls were also there. I interacted a little bit with the girls. He introduced the girls saying they are from a different school but both are his good friends.

We went in the hotel room. There he ordered drinks. I have never had alcohol before. He insisted me to drink saying it’s his birthday and I have to drink. That was the first day when I tasted alcohol. Those two girls were comfortable with drinks.  He also offered me a cigarette saying it goes good with drinks. I felt very sleepy after my first glass finished, I said no more drinks. I saw him touching one of the girls inappropriately and she was comfortable with that. After that he slept with a girl just in front of me and the other girl. It was very shocking for me. I had different feelings at that time, feelings of arousal, feelings of guilt and feeling of fear.

It was really something shocking for me as a teenager. Now that incident I described happened almost 15 years back. That spoilt friend is still in contact but he is no more a spoilt person. He lives a very respectable life. He was married with a beautiful lady and the lady was the one with whom he slept that day. 

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