My cousin blackmailed me to sleep with him and his friend

I am 16 year old and my cousin is 19. He often comes to my home as his family resides nearby. We both belong to Delhi. I often felt that he did not treat me like his sister rather he always approached me as a boyfriend. I always tried to avoid him, he often tried to find reasons to touch me inappropriately, and I ignored all these thinking that he will give up all these but I never knew that he had some evil plan in his mind.

Well as cousins we were friendly and we were quiet frank with each other and would share our personal things, he knew that I liked a guy in my school and we are having contact on phone and social media. One day when computer was all logged in and I was away from it, he saw my Facebook chats and took images of my chat between me and my school mate, later he blackmailed me to reveal the same to my parents. I pleaded him not to do so, he then asked me to throw a drink party for him, I agreed. As both my mom and dad are working, he asked me to keep the party at home on day time. I of course funded the party from my pocket money. He came with alcohol and food from outside. He also forced me to drink, I could not resist. Later he asked me strip and dance in front of him which eventually ended with sex.

Few days after that incident he again demanded a party where he said he will invite on of his friends. I am really scared, I know I have become a victim but I don't want to be a victim again.

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You should straight away go to your parents and reveal whatever happened with you. You have been a victim of his mind game and this will continue unless you teach him a lesson. Prevention is always better than cure. The day he started touching you inappropriately was a day you should be at high alert. You should have reported this to your parents on the same day but as it's too late now and you don't want to be a victim again, Just go to your mom and Dad and tell everything.


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