My ex-colleague used, roughed, blackmailed by her ex and his friend

 It is been a few months we have not talked to each other, neither had we had any chat on social media. I got time recently and found her online and then I started chatting with her on messenger. I asked about her office colleague who was supposed to be her boyfriend. She is a Hindu girl and her office colleague is Muslim man.



When I asked do you both have some marriage plan in the near future? She did not reply me anything then I thought I should not ask that question? She replied after a few mins that she was going through a lot of physical and mental abuse due to that relationship. She considered that Muslim office colleague as her well-wisher and a very good friend, they started spending time together. That guy knew about her weakness.


She was a divorcee, she had financial problems. Later he trapped her into sex at his friend’s place. It was an unsafe sexual intercourse and that guy gave him contraceptive pills afterwards. She knew that it was a trap but still she was in some sort of attraction as well as love for him.


So their meeting and mating point became that friend’s place of her office colleague.  One day unaware of an evil plan made by her office colleague she went to his friend’s place as told by him, Later his friend and he forced her to drink and smoke. Then they both had sex with her. Later they captured her nude pics just to blackmail her whenever they would need.



When I knew all that I asked her to file a police complaint in order to send them to jail but she is not doing that as her family members would come to know about it and they will be dragged into further mess. 


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