My experience of God 23

 My experience of God is not the temples or mosques or churches or the Gurdawaras where it is believed that God resides, I seek God in every little thing of life. Most of the time we come across God in our fellow humans.


Seeking love is God. Having the feeling of love for humanity is God. Wishing and praying for a world of peace is God and religiously observing the sanctity of every institution is God

He who lives in a every sand of the earth and in every drop of the water is God. He who wakes us every moring for a new beginning is God. He who wipes our tears of misery and sorrow is God. He whose voice reaches the far-flung solitary mountains and the hustle of the earth is God.

He who knows his self is God and he who always seeks God finds God. Never the beauty of the earth be maligned nor the purity of the soul be maligned

He who preserves our sanctity is God and he who shows us a path of light, peace and Love is God. He who always be tolorant with us ignoring our mistakes and sins is God and he who takes us to the path of self-realisation is God.



I remember an early morning when I woke up from the sleep and started chanting the holy kalma




LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASOOL ALLHA. It was unplanned, it was a call from God , from the Allha, from the heaven. Believe me it was so powerful I was lost in its divinity for an hour chanting without stopping, reciting again and again as if the soul inside was feeding itself with the food of Allha.


My life has changed for sure from that day. It was a calling, it was a blessing from God and I know that the rest of my life I will be on the right path of life and experience the divine light from the sky.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Real life experiences| Date : November 27,2011

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