My office colleague turned lover turned out to be gay and a playboy

I am girl, 28. I am an engineer by profession and I work for a reputed multinational company. It has been over a year since I joined and from last 3 months I started to have a relationship with a guy who works in a different department. I always had a crush on him as he is the most handsome guy around. He is over six fit tall and a good looking man in his late 20s. I was clueless how to approach him but a time came when he started to come in the same cab. You won’t believe how nervous I felt when I saw him in the same office cab. We slowly developed a good talking term followed by having lunch together, we would often find excuses to meet each other in the office cafeterias while a day came in my life when he told me let’s meet outside, I could not say no to him, in fact I was waiting for such an opportunity. Then our meetings took place outside, sometimes in different malls, sometimes in parks and this went on as usual. I knew that I fell in love with him but I don’t know if he had the same feelings for me.

One day he asked me to have a romantic trip outside the city. I was excited about the idea of going on a long trip and spending time with him outside the city. We both took a few days leave and planned a trip to a nearest place, our romance got a new direction when we had plenty of time with each other and no one was there to disturb us. I was on cloud nine and we made several physical contacts during those days. From there on my love for him became my weakness. I confessed the same to him and asked him to marry me. He then started making excuses saying it’s too early and he needed more time. I know something is not right, slowly he started to avoid me; he responded differently, he was not interested in me as earlier. I asked him the reason why he is behaving like this. One day when I had a fight with him and demanded to tell me the truth he revealed that he is a bisexual. He has been with many boys and girls. I was literally shocked to know that the decent looking man with whom I fell in love turned out to be a gay and a playboy. 

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Office romance stories are very common these days.  Don’t go by looks as looks are always deceptive. A good looking hunk may have an advantage to manipulate in a relationship and in most cases they may have number of relationships. Girls, Instead of dreaming about a handsome hunk look for a sincere guy who may not have those physical features like a handsome hunk but he will certainly have loyal love for you and only for you. 


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