My subconscious is not yet prepared for big money


I am not destined for a big house, big cars and expensive possessions as they are not meant for me rather they are meant for the rich. This is one of the most limiting beliefs, which keep us away from money. It is good to be modest as a human being whom I believe is one of his virtuous human qualities, but it’s not good to be satisfied with whatever comes our way. Satisfaction is a state of mind and we all work, live, marry for our satisfaction but sometimes satisfaction brings stagnancy in life, which restricts the positive changes which follow when we remain in a state of happy discontent. Happiness is not always money if we think philosophically but undoubtedly these dead papers can dramatically change life and life conditions as long as one knows how to be a good money-manager. It is undeniable that money can make life easy. A man who enjoys life to it the full potential is not necessarily a rich man but a man who knows the material as well as the spiritual value of money is certainly the happiest.

Happiness is an internal phenomenon of the mind and one’s monetary success may or may not be the contributing factor of his happiness. Those who maintain a prudent balance between the habit of saving and spending are the happy people.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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By : | Category : Self-help| Date : May 21,2014

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