My24HourIncome is legit or scam

Drew Burton started My24hourincome as a trusted adshare or Revshare company; everyone trusted the site as a top leader Drew founded it, so in no time thousands joined the program. Within a few months the site went down and Drew announced that 800 bitcoins from his account got stolen by hackers and that was the reason why he had to close My24hourincome. That’s really a funny reason even a stupid can guess what would have gone into it.


Drew also said that the hackers emailed him. Wow why he did not go to FBI to trace the email, emails can be traceable.

You should watch Holliman’s video on My24hourincome to know more,

Their Official website:

Their Official FB page:

Their official FB page has 54728 members and it was expected to be the MPA of the future but someone stole 800 Btcs, Oh no that was a nice number. Who is that bloody hacker who stole Btcs from Drew and caused the site to go down?


Now it’s your wish if you name it as a scam or a unfortunate demise of a legit ad revenue share business. 

My24HourIncome is legit or scam

By : Admin| Company Name : My24HourIncome was legit or scam| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : December 29,2016

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