Mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar

Mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar, Wife of fromer Union Minister Shashi Tharoor raised many questions. Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in Leela Hotel, Delhi. Question raised are

Police commissioner on Jan 1st registered a case of murder surprising the entire nation two days after receiving the final medical reports from AIIMs. Much earlier to this on October 10 TOI released the medical report on the cause of Sunanda Pushkar’s death as poisoning. Now the questions arise

1.      Why it took so long to file an FIR?

2.      Delay of almost 1 year in the probe looked as if deliberate.

3.      Why the investigating officers SHO, Sarojini Nagar, Delhi moved away from Investigation while the ACP in charge took retirement and the DCP transferred.

4.      Why police did not take report from the medical officer who attended Sunanda’s case and if the forensic reports are submitted to the medical board.

5.      Two empty strips of Alprax found in her hotel room while no trace of Alprax was found in her blood. Does Alprax planting in the hotel room was to misguide the police ?


Shashi Tharoor upon hearing the Sunanda’s death as a Murder said, “He was stunned to hear from the Delhi police that her wife was murdered. He too is very anxious about the case being investigated thoroughly and the police will have his full co-operation in the investigation. Shashi Tharoor has also said that they have not got any post-mortem report and CFSL report till date.


As per the recent development it is now confirmed that

1. On Jan 17 2013 Sunanda Pushkar was murdered in her hotel room 345.

2.  A special team is formed to investigate the issue

3. A case of murder has been registered under section 302 by unidentified persons.

4. It is confirmed that Sunanda died due to poison, now it is to be confirmed if the poison was inserted orally or injected in her body.

5.  Police are getting her viscera tested outside India just to re-confirm the case of poison as the reason of death.

6.  Autopsy report confirmed that she had over 15 injury marks in her body.

7.  Shashi Tharoor is questioned.

8.  Police are also trying to obtain the list of passengers who travelledfrom Dubai-Pakistan-India and vice-versa on or before January 17.

9.   Police have also asked Twitter to obtain the tweets between Sunanda Pushakar, Sashi Tharoor and  Mehar Tarar, TV reporter from Pakistani Reporter.


Shashi Tharoor has said, police are trying to frame him in the case while Shahi admitted that on the day Sunanda decided to stay in hotel Leela she was accompanied by a visitor named Sunil Sahab, a mysterious name.


Delhi police had seemingly been influenced orelse this case has taken a different mode and the culprit could have arrested. This case was first handed over to Delhi police and from there on it was transferred to crime branch. Within 24 hours again the case was taken back by the Delhi Police. Delay of one year is a serious matter and by the time crucial evidence has been vanished. Filing an FIR after 1 year of the incident sounds very ridiculous. Autopsy chief Sudhir Gupta blamed shahi Tharoor for influencing the case while there were endless secret exchange of messages between Delhi police and AIIMs. Later AIIMS also asked the police to investigate on the mails sent by some doctors to the administration speculating the cause of death.

Eye-catching thing is that the police officials in charge were either moved away from the case or transferred to other place or department. All these suggest a great conspiracy.






When Tharoor’s domestic aid, Narain was questioned, he revealed a different story related to their personal life. As per Narain both Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushakar have a disturbing relationship since one year. Narain who worked at Tharoor’s from 2010 revealed that both have been constantly fighting from a year. Once he saw Shashi was hit by Sunanda and hut his leg over some issues. Narain heard Sunanda saying, Shashi does not care for her even if he knows that she is unwell and always glued to the phone.

Before her death on January 17th a series of events took place. Both of them had a fight on January 15 following which Sunanda went to hotel Leela where she was found with one man called, Sunil Sahab, Sunanda’s friend. She stayed in room no 307 initially from where she tweeted Shashi Tharoor. At that night she called up Shashi on phone and said, “ Tharoor shahab your finished and I told everything to the media”.

Later she went to Room no 345. There she was accompanied by Sunil Sahab who told him to switch on the TV. He was not feeling well so he went home. Later on Sunanda asked Narain to call Shashi, Shashi did not pick up the call. Later when she herself called him, he answered he is going to Jaipur on some work and will be back. He came on 12.30 Am and called up Sunanda, a fight broke out over phone and they had a fight till 4.30 am in the morning. Between 4.30 and 5 AM she talked to someone else. On January 17th they fought till 6.30 am, shashi went to another room.

He called up Narain at 4.30 PM on January 17th to wake up Sunanda. When she did not respond he came to the hotel and asked the manager to call the doctor. Later the doctor declared her dead.

It was also revealed that Sunanda discussed about some IPL mess with her friend. Sunanda Pushakar owned 50cr Stake in the kochi team which was gifted by her husband Shashi Tharoor. Everything now comes down to the fact that some mess was definitely there and Sunanda was threatening her husband to reveal it to the media. Now as the case has been turned out into a mess is it possible to solve the investigation.






Shashi Tharoor’s 3rd marriage with Sunanda Pushkar has been through rough times. Sunanda pushkar met Shashi in 2009 and from there they went long way and decided to get married on 2010. For both of the couples it was their 3rd marriage. Sunanda’s second husband was died by that time and Shashi has already divorced his Canadian wife. 

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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