Nana Patekar horoscope

Nana Patekar 

Monday, January 1, 1951
21:50:00(TZ: +5.5), DST: None
Mumbai ,IN
Longitude:72e51, Latitude:19n1
Lahiri/Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha: 23 10' 21.6"

Nana Patekar is an Indian film actor, writer and film maker who has mainly worked in Hindi and Marathi Cinema.

Nana Patekar is known for his profound acting talent. He acted as a villain in many commercially successful movies and received Filmfare award while he equally weaved magic as a lead actor, as a supporting actor too.  In most of his movies he was seen doing serious roles but when audience saw him in comedy movies everybody started praising him for him great comic timing and sense of humor. He was critically acclaimed in many movies.

As our discussion centers around his birth horoscope let’s discuss what planets made him a successful actor in Film Industry.

His Ascendant is Leo, Ketu is placed there. Ketu in Ascendant makes one unique as person in terms of looks and personality.

2nd house has moon and Saturn, Her moon is 12th lord and Saturn is 6th and 7th lord which constitutes Vipareet Raj yog while Saturn moon conjunction in 2nd house also formed vish yoga or punarphoo yoga which might have created some stress in family life.

If we look at his 5th house, it’s very powerful and just due to that he is known for his acting prowess. Lagna lord itself is placed in 5th house in friendly sign while it closely conjoins 2nd and 11th lord mercury. This conjunction is very powerful, and it bestowed him with the power of dialogue delivery and a strong voice. 5th house also has 3rd and 10th lord Venus which is the Main Karaka of acting along with Mercury. This is also a combination of massive fame.

4th and 9th lord mars is placed in 6th house. 

5th and 8th lord Jupiter is in 7th house along with Rahu.

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