Navamsha Chart in Vedic astrology answers how will be your married life

Vedic astrology has been practiced from time immemorial; it is more than 4000 years old. Rishis used to practice it and it is passed from one generation to the other. Is not it amazing to know that from more than 4000 years Vedic astrology is still practiced widely?

Metaphysical world of astrology is amazingly mysterious. Science may discard it as a pseudo practice but believers wont.

Navamsha Chart is also called D-9, 9th divisional chart. Mostly it is seen along with Rasi chart to confirm If the promises given in Rasi chart or Birth horoscope are accurate or not. As Navamsha is drawn from the 9th house (The most auspicious house from the 12 houses), It is very important as divisional chart to predict the general fortune of a person. Navamsha is also seen for Marriage, its well-being. Mostly Navamsha has indications of a good or bad marriage, delay or denial of marriage.

Delay in marriage is due to the influence of Saturn to the 7th house of birth chart or Navamsha chart. In the Rasi chart the effect may not be much but of the aspect or position of Saturn in Navamsha is there in then it is a sure delay and even denial.

Effect of Mars, another first grade malefic is mostly widely a separatist planet and responsible to give disturbance in marriage, Mars is responsible in damaging marital happiness and even it can cause divorce.

In Vivekananda's birth chart there is a clear indication of marriage as the marriage house is well fortified as well as the lord of marriage is placed in the 2nd house of family. Mercury is the 7th house ruler and is placed with Venus should have made him a family man but that did not happen, He was a celibate monk throughout his life, You may further see that Venus mercury in a malefic sign Capricorn ( Saturn's kingdom) is a bad indication in his chart. Vivekananda was all set to married, his marriage was indeed fixed but due to his father's untimely death he could not get married, his struggle in life and a beginning towards spirituality started ever since.

Look at the Navamsha. Saturn and Mars are in 7th house of D-9, even though Jupiter is placed in Lagna it was of no benefit. Even if 7th lord Venus is exalted in Navamsha chart, it was of No benefit.

In Bollywood Super star Salman Khan's Horoscope you can see 7th lord Venus is placed with an exalted Mars and the placement is in Malefic Capricorn. It is clear indication of break-ups and struggle to find a life partner. 

Further Indications in Navamsha supports the findings of Rasi Chart. He is born in Aries Navamsha and Mars is with Saturn and Rahu. It is either delay or denial of marriage.

Looking at the honorable chief minister of Orissa,Naveen Patnaik's Birth chart, you will get the same Mars and Saturn connection. In his chart Mars and Rahu have afflicted the marriage house and lord of the marriage in both birth chart and Navamsha Chart.

In Birth chart, Lagna is cancer and Saturn is placed there. Saturn is the lord of 7th house and it aspects the 7th house while Mars also aspects the 7th house. In Navamsha 7th house has Rahu. Mars aspects the 7th house while 7th lord moon is debilitated and placed with Saturn.

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