Naveen Patnaik

Naveen Patnaik, born in born 16 October 1946 is the 14th chief minister of Orissa.  He was union minister of steel and mines and then mines and minerals before becoming the chief minister of Orissa. He has been elected as chief minister for the 4th consecutive term. Before he became a politician he was a writer and a cultural enthusiast, Historian and he is also a gifted painter.


Today’s blogpost is about his horoscope analysis as per Vedic astrology.



Yogas in his horoscope

Mars,Mercury and Jupiter create vesi Yoga in his horoscope.

Saturn forms Sunapha Yoga in his horoscope.

Jupiter mars together form Guru Mangala Yoga.

Mars Jupiter again creates Sankha Yoga.

Venus, Saturn and Ketu form Tapaswi Yoga ( Self-less)

Jupiter,Venus and mercury form Brahma Yoga.

Venus gives Maha Yogada while Saturn gives another Yogada through Hora Lagna ( HL)

Rahu gives Maha Yogada (Power, authority and wealth)


Saturn is placed in the Lagna or Ascendant of his birth chart, Saturn being the 7th and 8th lord placed in Lagna gives a strong Raj Yoga. From Arudha Saturn is in 3rd house which creates another Rajyoga.


He started his Political career as the union minister of Steel & Mines 1998–1999 and then Union minister of mines and minerals in 1999-2000, He was running through the Saturn Period and Jupiter Sub Period. Note that Jupiter is debilitated in Navamsa ( D-9 chart). Both Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting the Arudha Lagna ( AL ) as well as Hora Lagna ( AL).  But Power came during the Jupiter Sub Dasha as Jupiter is placed in the GL ( Ghatika Lagna ) while it’s the 11th lord of the AL.

He became chief minister of Orissa during the advent of Mercury Dasha. Mercury is also debilitated in Navamsa. Interestingly Mercury is associated with GL withJupiter, AL11 and aspects AL and HL. Mercury Dasa lasts for 17 years and it will finish in April 2017. Mercury has been so auspicious that he is completing his 4th term as the chief minister of Orissa.

AL5 has Sun, his AK (Atma Karaka ) aspected by Moon, a benefic planet as well as the the DK ( Dara Karaka ) gives rise to a strong Rajyoga. As per the Sutra AK and DK combine it produces a strong Raj Yoga. AL5 denotes Special recognition, RajSambandh (Political connection). Sun and Moon the two luminaries are connected to the AL5 which means a king without any opposition as well as a honest king who wants to provide good services to his kingdom.

(Note: Generally Malefics placed in AL5 or aspecting AL5 denotes a corrupt king as per the Sutra. Most politicians across the world may have Malefics in AL5 or aspecting it, very few have benefic planets).

Interestingly both SUN and MOON aspect the AL11 which means his gains are more from the general masses and through authority.

From the analysis interesting finding here is both mercury and Jupiter are debilitated but gave extra ordinary results during their Dasha and Sun Dasha. Guruji Visti Larsen in his book, Jyotisa Fundamental my master’s words emphasized the same. Upon question on the same I came to know that as per him planets debilitated in Navamsa if positioned in good houses from AL then it gives great results.

This is a short analysis of his horoscope. If you have any further findings feel free to comment.

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Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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