Niira Radia and 2g scam

CBI today raided the offices and residence of Niira Radia, the corporate lobbyist and the former TRAI chairman pardip Baijal. In delhi 7 raids were made while in Tamil Nadu about 27 raids were made by CBI.

Niira Radia, Viashnavi corporate communication has come to public limelight when a taped conversation between Radia, bureaucrats, politicians and CEOs got public. It is case of corporate lobbying and as this is so much highlighted in the media that CBI got fresh clues to establish links of Radia as a big fish in the pond of corruption though it is yet to be proved. then this case unfolds many twists and stories of  ethical corporate lobbying vs unethical corporate lobbying and the kind of regulation or law we have on corporate lobbying.

CBI on its move to a break through on 2g spectrum scam

Though CBI is trying hard to get some hard facts, files, documents in support of the links to the 2G spectrum scam which caused the exchequre  staggering amount of money which is indeed a major loss to the Govt. Niira Radia is now in the bad water of 2G scam as she is believed to have a major lobbyist in favour of A. Raja as the telecom minister in 2009 and the recent CBI raids are just to find out the money link, bribery and corruption while the 2g licences are distributed in 2008. As of now it is fairly known to all that 2g spectrum distribution is a major scam and without the knowledge of the telecom minister how could it be possible. There are questions on the role of Niira Radia in fixing the deal between the operators and A.Raja and his team of beneficiaries.CBI has not yet in a position to disclose how much money changed hands and who are the deal makers, beneficiaries.

PR agency of Radia handles affairs of 90 Tata group accounts, Mukesh Ambani's RIL and earlier Unitech. CBI is also trying to establish links between former TRAI chairman Baijal and Radia, as Baijal joined Neosis, a firm owned by Niira Radia just after a year of his retirement. In 2004 as per A.Raja's version at supreme court Baijal went out of the way to issue TATA telecom 9 extra licences. Radia is suspected to influence some of the major govt policies on spectrum allocation just favour her corporate clients

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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