Niira Radia links with BJP, Congress and corporate

No one knew about Niira Radia till a piece of news flew through all TV channels about her alleged role in favoring Tata Group and other companies to win the 2G license race. Some people become famous while some turn infamous by destiny or design, you may say destiny, good Karma and hard work make people famous while any deed opposite to it makes one infamous. A.Raja Nira Radia and a number of high-ranked individuals who have come under scrutiny and suspicion by CBI for their alleged role in the 2G scam made them infamous as it is not a matter of credit for sure but then we take it as something that is not out of the world. This is not something new to the public that big scams can occur with in the govt quite easily as long as the ability to miss appropriate facts remain with some corrupt politicians and their bureaucrats. For instance you may raise several questions on the spectrum allocation scam. why A.Raja and team announced first-cum-first basis for the allocation of spectrum ? Was it so necessary to allocate spectrum in such a hurry ? As a result of a short time-frame/deadline announced by Govt/A.RAJA/Telcom ministry number of genuine companies had got no time to submit the documents within the 45mins while the companies who had prior knowledge through their political links were ready at the telecom ministry long before the time frame was announced by A.Raja.


Why it took an eternity to discover that a scandal was conspired? If a corporate lobbyist, a minister, some corrupt bureaucrats are responsible as the conspirators for the scam then what about the companies who have influenced the minister and his team to favor them. Are not they guilty?


Amid all these interesting developments there was news about the links of Niira Radia with Ananth Kumar, a former BJP minister, it was alleged that Niira had also influenced the BJP minister to gain strong-hold for her clients. Congress alleged that during the BJP's tenure Niira expanded her business and clientele while impressed by her diplomatic, networking skills BJP offered a land in Vasant Kunj for her trust. Even congress accused the senior BJP leader L.K Advani went to lay the foundation stone for her trust because he including the entire party was impressed with Nira Radia.


In answer to the allegations levied by congress BJP threatened to drag the congress party to court saying the allegations were baseless. Pejawar Mutt trust denied any links with Niira Radia giving strenghth to the BJP party to counter attack the congress party. Amid all the political drama only we witness a sheer wastage of credibility of both the parties while it seems like a mockery over the innocent people whose real concerns are not taken care of.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 10,2011

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