No one killed Jessica

No one killed Jessica is an upcoming film starring Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan, it has been witnessing much hype among the cine goers as they will get a chance to watch a film inspired by the infamous Jessica Lal Murder case. The name of the film has been taken from a headline of Times of India.

Perhaps we all know about Jessica Lal murder case and its aftermath. Jessica who was a model in New Delhi was a acting barmaid in a crowded socialite party on the day she got shot. Socialite parties are for people with some degree of name, fame in the society. Power and money make people go mad sometimes and they do not care about the consequences. Jessica Lal Murder was a burning example of what a spoilt son of a corrupt politician could do out of alcoholic anger. The man who killed Jessica was not an ordinary man as the man named Manu Sharma; Son of a powerful and wealthy congress leader from Haryana can not be ordinary. Do you know why? His father was not a common man, and secondly he had all the support from the police and his father's influential politicians. Manu Sharma got wriggled out of the case as if he had done nothing. Lower court found him not guilty and set him and his friends free. The reason? Lack of eye-witness during the murder while about a dozen people were actually seen Jessica being shot by Manu Sharma.

That socialite party of April 29, 1999 was filled with people who were wealthy, powerful, popular in the society. Some were from the glamour world while some were from the world of business. You may say it as the misfortune of jessica who denied to serve any more drink to Manu Sharma and co or you may blame on a coward society and its so-called rich, famous and powerful who had no guts to save her from Manu Sharma's grudge. Manu Sharma under the influence of anger shot Jessica as she said no to any more drink. Jessica died an unfortunate death which everyone during that night witnessed and out of fear of being killed or harassed no one turned out to be an witness. It was then due to overpowering pressure from media and public the high court opened the Jessica Lal murder case in 2006 and took it to a decisive mode. It takes long years of mental torment and suffering to get justice especially in our court of law as the court of law only asks for evidence and nothing else. People who have power and money know how to run away guiltless.

No one killed Jessica is directed by Rajkumar Gupta whose much acclaimed movie Aamir made him a renowned director. Aamir had a storyline which dramatically turns around the central character of the film Rajeev khandelwal whose life unexpectedly turns to a dead-end where he had no other option but to die in the explosion. Aamir is a critically acclaimed film due to its dramatic storyline with a strong highlight on reality, above all it attracted the audience attention on a story that dramatically unfolds into thrilling events while to do justice to the role which majorly stands upon the central character , the hero of the film rajeev khandelwal, indeed his acting capability had eventually subject to great accolade as he managed to play such a complicating role with ease which made this film one of the critically acclaimed film. Rajiv who is a known actor of the small screen indeed proved his talent on the silver screen giving such an emotional impact to his debut movie Aamir.

This time Rajkumar Gupta has come up with an inspired idea to make a movie upon the infamous Jessica Lal Murder case which was indeed a fight for justice against injustice, good vs evil, powerful vs the ordinary. No one killed Jessica may give the audience some reality thrill as well as a chance to dive into soul searching as it has made an attempt to dig the sensitive issues of the unfortunate murder case. You may find this movie interesting if you have a liking for films inspired from real-life events. This real life story may bring the real man in you, it may bring tear to your eyes,above all it may challenge you as an ordinary human being. You may think if you were there what you should have done. It may question the ability of common people who have no link with politics, law and order and the system to fight with corrupt powerful people. There are two major characters in the film: Rani Mukherjee in the role of a investigating journalist while Vidya Balan who plays jessica's sister in this movie. Both Rani and Vidya are accomplished actresses who have proved themselves in so many movies. This time they paired up to give justice to these two intense role play. Director Rajkumar Gupta  righly took Rani and Vidya for the major character-play.

This movie will move you for obvious reason, it may make you a bit uneasy when Rani speaks with some of the common but dirty Hindi slang, may be it was one of the pre-promotion strategy to grab audience attention. You may get startled by the kind of slang Rani speaks at some instances in the film. Now a days films use slangs as a tool to grab audience attention. There is no doubt that films are made to make money as well as to showcase art. Commercial successs of a film is as important as its success in its brilliant art form.

To conclude with No one killed Jessica will rock !

written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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