North Korea South Korea tensions

China’s protest on Sunday over US-South Korea Joint military exercise connecting its Aircraft carrier USS George Washington in the yellow Sea is matter of international debate. China’s protest was restrained and diplomatic as it did not oppose the military exercises beyond its exclusive economic zone ( beyond 2oo nautical miles from its coast). North Korea-South Korea face-off to a small degree affected the world market and especially Asian markets and the Indian stock market got affected slightly.
Any disturbance in the yellow sea may postpone China’s president Hu Jintao’s visit to Washington in January. China is clear on its stance on the issue and it clearly opposes any military disturbance in its exclusive economic zone.
All this began when North Korea fired artillery at an south-Korean island which is held as their disputed Maritime border for both countries. In answer to this US and south Korea planned a joint military exercise.
US had planned similar exercises in July in the yellow sea but due to china’s pressure and protest they shifted the plan in the limits of the Sea of Japan which is east of south Korea.
If any war-like situation takes place between North and south Korea then it will affect China, a strong ally and major aid Donner for North Korea. There is also a fear that if war breaks out US troops may gather near china Border and if the KIM JONG regime falls then millions of North Korean refugees may enter the north eastern china’s territory.
There is a mounting pressure from the international lobby, journalists, foreign policy experts that china should play a key role is maintaining peace between the two countries and China has also appealed for restraint.
US and south korea started an emergency Naval drill on Sunday which triggered an emergency six-party talks to be held with a hope to cool off the tension between the two countries. Delagates of the six countries such as North Korea, south Korea, US, Japan and China will discuss to resume peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Sunday morning’s Naval drill was a  show of military might of joint US-South Korean army which further agitated the matter as North Korea severely condemended and warned that it may worsen situations and consequences will be unpredictable.
There have been talks between the foreign ministers of China, South Korea, japan and Russia to speed up the six-party talks over North Korea’s  nuclear programme. Now China which has helped North Korea in developing nuclear power is also worried about North Korea’s stance on the face-off.
Rational appraoch in this matter will help resume peace talks and certinaly helps to cool the tensions alredy built up across borders while any aggressive military moves, menuvers or drills may worsen the situation to warlike.
Writen By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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