Obama’s visit has a very important strategic significance as per the experts on matters of US-INDIA relation. Does Obama really intend India to be on the Security Council? If yes does India have any clear plans how to project her in the Security Council? Do we have serious agenda to discuss? Do we really have clearly defined goals to work towards protecting our democracy from terror, violence and anarchy?
Then we can think about world peace, if our home is prone to the fear of violence and terror can we expect to divert attention toward the international problems, hence if we get into UN security council we should create atmosphere to resolve the problems related to Kashmir, Pakistan sponsored terrorism, drug trafficking, international threats, Border issues with china.
 We are more vulnerable as we are hemmed by countries that are definitely not our friends or well-wishers. Our problems are indeed many but the serious problems are our internal ones. Though we label terrorism as violence sponsored by outsiders we also have violent outbreaks of terror attacks from insiders.
Obama may see India as his partner in his mission to fight terrorism, he should equally address issues which are more Pak sponsored. It is not a hidden thing that ISI allies with terror groups and conceives plans to spread violence in India.
Banning the terror organizations in Pakistan is as important as keeping an eye on the ISI activities in Pakistan. If the general masses of Pakistan are subject to suffering, violence it is due to the lack of strong govt that can think freely and act without pressure from the army, intelligence or terror groups.
Fidayen attacks insane and jihad ideologies have come from the deep rooted anger against some religions or castes. Out of anger anything can be done but the consequences of these anger feats are tragic loss of innocent lives.
 Witten By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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