Odd even formula – A boon or curse for Delhi ?

Delhi has rolled out its much awaited Odd-even formula; Today is the first date of odd-even plan. As today is 1/1/2016, an odd day of the month only odd number cars can move on Delhi’s roads. As per people who drive to and fro from their places have reported less traffic on roads, Even though it was a day for odd number cars to move on the roads, there are few even number cars seen moving on the roads.

People were seen getting slapped with fine of 2000 Rupees when caught with an even number car. Some of them who are caught said they had no other choice as commuting from their place of residence to work place.

Vehicles exempt from odd even rule

1.  All CNG vehicles (a clearance certificate should be there) : To obtain the CNG sticker one has to get it done from a dedicated govt CNG station by furnishing proper documentation.

2. Hybrid cars: Hybrids cars in India means only for high net worth individuals who can afford a car worth 20 lakh-30 lakh on average.

3.   Two-Wheelers

4.  Vehicles driven by women having only women in them (Some women groups recently complained with AAP Govt that they should not be excluded from the odd-even drive.

5.  Vehicles driven by women with children below 12 years: It sounds right.

6.   President,Vice President,Prime Minister,Chief Justice of India,Speaker of the Lok Sabha,Deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha,Deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha,Governors of the states,Lt Governors are excluded from the rule.

7.  Emergency vehicles such as Ambulance, fire, hospital, prison, hearse, enforcement and vehicles heading towards hospitals on emergencies ( with enough proof)

      Vehicles of physically challenged.


Arvind Kejriwal is too optimistic about the plan; even he declared today that the odd-even plan is a success. From so many days before its launch he has come on radio channels to say that he himself has already decided to carpool with his neighbors.


Odd-even plan that has got rolled out today will go on getting implemented for 15 days as a trial period.


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