OKCASH – soon delisting from bittrex

OKCASH has a reputation of a pump and dump coin. It’s all time high is more than 17k satoshi. Last year it did well and before that too, it did well in pump and dump. Now the scenario is such that it may get delisted from Bittrex anytime. Bittrex has delisted lot of crypto coins these days including BYC, Trust and even coins like ENRG.

The reason behind such a move is that these coins have absolutely no active development. When it comes OKcash there is someone called Okorator who is a face of okcash. This guy Okorator does not have a real face, with a logo of Okcash he has been trying to convince that Okcash has a great future.

Lot’s of people have lost money when they last dumped their coins. To be honest Okcash has very less volume in bittrex and soon as per insider news it’s gonna delist from bittrex. As it’s not in any major exchange except bittrex those who are still holding their money is in risk and they will lose anytime.

In my opinion it has no long-term value and their success in competing with other newly launched coins is very dismal.

Look at their website ( http://okcash.io/) it’s suck a basic kind of website with no details about their developers and founders. They don’t want to put any more money in it’s development. It may pump once and dump hard and take away all your BTC in that Pump and dump, so Beware.  

By : Admin| Company Name : OKCASH – soon delisting from bittrex| Title : Crypto coin|Date : October 28,2018

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