One more ADCN, Asia digicoin scammer came to limelight

 If ADCN scammers think that they can escape the law and order of the country and run away with all the money from investors, they are just mistaken. Law will give them punishment for sure but GOD will surely punish these scammers soon. I have never heard anyone living a cool life just by cheating others of their money.

Time will show these scammers the right path and give justice to the thousands of ADCN, Asia digicoin investors who can get their money back.

I am optimistic that founders/scammers of power hashing, Amit Jaiswal, Abhishek Bhandari and Abhishek Srivastava along with the chief promotor and their partners Kartike Kanwar, Sahil Behel, Ritika Chabbra, Antakshari Abbi will soon get arrested.

I had a conversation with Anselm Thomas, chief business development executive of Mappletradex Ltd. He revealed a name I was not aware of. He talked about a guy called Uttam Jaiswal who was an equal partner in ADCN scam.

Amit Jaiswal and his brother Uttam Jaiswal kindly add Uttam Jaiswal name too as he is a big scammer and have been scamming people in other companies too like Maayas, adcn, Mpca, richcoin etc.

His FB profile is

We are soon going to take decisive action against these culprits. If you want to join hand please contact me or Economic offense wing of delhi police.
These are mail Id’s of delhi police,

By : Admin| Company Name : One more ADCN, Asia digicoin scammer came to limelight| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : November 18,2017

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