Lucky are those who found true friends

miserable are those who lost their true friends

idealists are those who fight for their ideals till death

moralists are those who stick to their principles

Those who stick to their faith have surely thrive in life

Those who remain faithful to God have a scope of a life even after death

Those who know who they are as humans reamin grounded

Those who show who they are live in falsity

Those whose love is self-less are great

Thosewho heal other's wounds are compassionate

Before taking a step to change someone look within you and change yourself

Before you start seeing mistakes in others, check if are always correct

Before you say something to others think twice

words we say may hurt others so be wise in our words

Life we live is transient, lets have good wishes and blessing from others

If all kings and their kingdoms perished, Lets realize that one day we will also perish

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 30,2011

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