Orbeum ICO scam

Gone are the days when scammers and so-called leaders used to scam people through different investment multiplier and Revshare firms. I have written so many on freeblogin’s complaint box. You can see names like Abhishek Bhandari, Amit Jaiswal, Kartike Kanwar and so many others who scammed thousands in ADCN, Asiadigicoin crypto scam. Now these scammers are in Bloomatch ICO. Likewise you must have heard about TAT (the ads team) and elite earners club (EEC). Those were some of the biggest scams of 2017. Now the scammers of (elite earners club (EEC), WWE(world wide earning), TAT (the ads team) have launched a scam ICO program named as Orbeum. They will target those new investors who had no knowledge about crypto and ICO. To be honest most ICO’s are scams, in the name of ICO these bunch of scammers loot people of their money. Now they have become the so-called whales and sharks of crypto industry. They looted my money, your money and many other investor’s money and are always on a hunt for new targets. To be honest don’t go for every ICO you come across, after all this is your money. Just spread this awareness among you investor friends. In ADCN scam the scammers have scammed about 5000 BTC while the scammers of EEC and TAT went few steps ahead and were able to scam 7000 BTC. There are so-called admins and leaders who were involved.  

Twitter link :-

Take a look at Orbeum (@Orbeums): https://twitter.com/Orbeums?s=08

Hereis the ico link









By : Admin| Company Name : Orbeum ICO scam| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : February 18,2018

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