<div> -type 4 lsa is genereated by ABR not ASBR.</div> <div> -the purpose of it is simply to inform other areas of next-hop&nbsp;</div> <div> information for the ASBR</div> <div> -In other words, it is injected into other areas by the ABR so that&nbsp;</div> <div> routers in other areas know how to get to external routes through the&nbsp;</div> <div> ASBR.</div> <div> - The forward address is set to;</div> <div> -The forward address being just means that the next-hop of that&nbsp;</div> <div> LSA is the router that originated it.</div> <div> -Since in stub area there is no type 5 LSA [routes to the externel igrp]</div> <div> there is o need of type 4 LSA which is the route to their ASBR</div> <div> &nbsp;</div>

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