Panchayat offered 50k to a rape victim to abort the child

A heinous incident took place in Kishanganj district when a girl was offered 50,000 Rupees to get her child aborted. The girl aged 16 year was raped by four brothers of the village. Later when the girl became pregnant it came to the notice of the family. The girl is in her 7th month of pregnancy. When the family went to panchayat for justice they were asked to get the child aborted.


Girl's father works in Rajasthan to support her family having 6 members. Her father works as a migrant worker while her mother lives with the other members of the family and works as a day laborer.


Police officials said the panchayat members of Village Packola Palashmani in Kishanganj district  also threatened the victim and her mother not to go to the police but despite their warning the victim and her mother lodged a complaint against the rapists. Police pressed into action and lodged an FIR against the 4 brothers.


Police officials said that similar incidents have been coming to light when the incidents of rape came into limelight after the girls became pregnant. The biggest problem for the police and the family members of the victims is the girls out of fear do not disclose the incidents of crime and when they become pregnant following the rape incidents come to police.  Kishanganj district is one of the poorest districts of Bihar where the literacy rate is equally poor. 70 percent of the district is populated by Muslim community.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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