Paris attacked By Jihadists, 3 Days Mourn announced, Emergency declared in France,Over 150 killed

 Perhaps nothing like this happened in Paris since world war-2. Charlie Hebdo attack is still fresh in memory while a series of brutal attacks that ravaged the entire eastern France are something sudden, unexpected and now a nightmare for the people of France. Why France? Why it was targeted? Is it due to France’s active military participation in Syria? France is perhaps a country where a major Muslim population of Europe resides.

Who are the Jihadists who left more than 150 people dead? Terror group Islamic State has claimed the responsibility.

Paris attack is compared with 26/11 attack in Mumbai where a couple of well-trained, self-styled Muslim terrorists entered into the capital city and targeted key places like railway station, cafes, Hotel Taj and so on to commit maximum causality while in Europe nothing like this has happened after 2004 Madrid Train Bombings.

 Bataclan concert hall targeted

As per survivors of Bataclan concert hall they witnessed death, slaughter and violence. While Californian rock group Eagles of Death Metal were performing at the concert hall few gunmen entered the hall and started spraying bullets from their Machine Guns from the hall’s balcony. More than 80 people were killed due to the Gunshot, later the gunmen blown them up.

Paris stadium Targeted

Two of the suicide bombers blown themselves up with explosives outside Paris stadium, where the French president, François Hollande was present as an audience to a friendly soccer match between Germany and France.

As per French president attacks were unprecedented and well-coordinated by 8 terrorists including gunmen and suicide bombers. As per reports all of them were killed themselves by blowing them up while the one of them was shot by the police. 4 people died and more than 200 were injured.

Paris Café Targeted

Paris is known for its cafes. These terrorists knew that they would have maximum exposure if they attack such targets. It was Friday night all were in party mood so they were out in the streets, in cafes, in the football stadium and the Concert Hall.

 Terrorist shouted slogans of Alla Hu Akabar while carrying out their attacks; they were shouting and condemning France’s involvement with US and other allies in the fight against global terrorism. France has been a core member as an ally.

US president Barrack Obama expressed solidarity and offered aid to France during this crisis. French president declared emergency in the country, all borders are sealed, schools, colleges and work placed remained closed during Saturday. Police leaves were revoked while hospitals are instructed for 24X7 Support.

During this moment of grief we all should express solidarity for France and let us unite once again to fight against terrorism.

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