Passive smoking

Ill  effetcs of passive smoking are many. It may cause many diseses, side effects and even death. It is a serious social issue for sure.

Passive smoking is also known as second hand smoking which kills thosands of innocent passive smokers worldwide. Smoking kills and every smoker is perhaps aware of it but still they put their llives and lives of others in stake
Smoking is a social epidemic and smokers are the parasites that spread the epidemic. Who suffers the most ? The innocent passive somkers who are forced to inhale the carcinogenic air and they are the inoocent victims of somking and smokers.
And the tobacco manufacturing companies are the main culprits who induce a desire among the masses to  get to the habit of smoking though they say it kills but they want others to die slowly. who profits ? only those who make money through selling the tobacco products.
WHO report says that passive smoking accounts for one in 10 tobacco-related deaths in the world and it’s a pity that the govts of almost all countries support passively to these industries just to earn revenue by undersetimating the amount of damage that cuases to the people at large. Perhaps it seems that these tobbaco manufacturers and  sellers are the death agents who help to bring a balance to the population as they help in increseing the mortality rate.
Recent report suggests that  on an average about 6 million deaths are tobacco realted and according to WHO in every 6.5 seconds a smoker dies and an estimated 1.5 billion people are smokers as per WHO. And these 1.5 billion people are the death agents for perhaps several millions of passive smokers.
I just wrote this article to appeal the smokers to quit smoking and be human to the non-smokers. I wrote this article to appeal to close the manufacturing of the death agents and I appeal the government of all countries to stop supporting these manufactureres and sellers of tobacco. I appeal mercy for the millions of passive smokers.

Please spread out this article, share the link  just to bring back the human from with in. Must read for all.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi




By : | Category : Social| Date : November 20,2011

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