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Nikhil Advani's alliance with Akshay Kumar is not something very new as the two joined hands to make chandni chowk to china possible. Though Chandni Chowk to disappointed audience for its loose plot house will surely not disappoint you. Patiala House as the name itself tells a bit about the film based upon a family drama centered on the characters who are Punjabi  by nature, birth and attitude. house is about london-patiala connection as the director had cricket in mind, it could have canada-patiala connection if soccer or rugby was in mind, and anyway this movie is all about a struggling fast bowler Akshay Kumar who keeps on trying till the end to be a part of T20 England cricket team at last. This movie surely gives a strong message that never give up your goals, the whole world may laugh at your failure but you should always feel happy that indeed your failure takes you closer to success. Here the film rolls around the struggling bowler who almost reaches his mid thirty's with a dream that he will one day make him play for the team. As we know life gives a 2nd chance, hero of this film gets a chance to make his goal come true. As this is a family drama all elements drama have been incorporated. You will see a family with dozen people who find their lives and decisions centered on a strong father Rishi Kapoor who himself is a rebellion figure during his youth. You will find a stint with Racism, white vs colored and hatred for the whites

Akshay Kumar plays Rishi's son, though Rishi was a die-hard Lala Amarnath Fan he had no interest about his son'ss passion to see him in the national cricket team. It is the son who eventually wins his father's heart as he makes his dream possible.


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