Peter Mukerjea has more to reveal

It was Sanjeev Khanna’s emotional weakness towards his daughter Vidhie which made him join hands with Indrani Mukerjea’s sheena murder plan. Sanjeev was denied visitation rights to his own daughter from last 18 years. It must have been a painful experience for Sanjeev Khanna, 2nd husband of Indrani.

When Indrani gave called up Sanjeev and asked him to come to Mumbai to see his daughter it was like a dream come true for a father. Sanjeev went to Mumbai and he also hinted Mekhail Bora’s presence in Mumbai. They called Mekhail Bora to meet him too. Mekhail Bora later told the media that he was given a drink mixed with sedative; he sensed something wrong and able to flee from the place.

Sanjeev was asked to come to Mumbai in order to give plan sheena’s murder, however he says when he got into the SUV with sheena and Indrani he had no idea that Indrani has such a murder plan. As per Khanna he was innocent he did not murder Sheena. Sanjeev said though he was in the SUV he dozed off for some time, when he woke he saw Sheena was dead.

But as per driver Rai he was threatened by both Sheena and Sanjeev not to disclose anything to anyone or else he will have the consequence, he was also paid 1 lakh for that.

Worli court rejected Sanjeev Khanna’s bail plea saying there was enough evidence against him. As per investigating officer of he was innocent why he did hide the fact of Sheena’s murder for 3 years. Even as per latest report a hefty amount was transferred into Sanjeev Khanna’s account.

Was it Indrani’s insecurity about her stronghold in Peter Mukerjea’s assets and wealth when Sheena came in Rahul’s life and they engaged? From the proceedings of INX Media a huge amount was parked in Sheena’s account. What about Peter Mukerjea ? Why did not he believe about Sheena’s real identity even after she repeatedly said that she was not Indrani’s sister rather she was her daughter? Why Peter Mukerjea did not object when she kept a contact with Sanjeev Khanna? Why he did not believe his own son Rahul when he said Sheena has been absconding ? Why he believed a mail wrote from Sheena’s mail Id about she being US. Why no one tried to contact her ?

All these questions perhaps indicate that Peter Mukerjea has more to reveal.


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