Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck's death is another mystery in the world cricket arena. His untimely death at age 55 is not a natural death

As per confirmation from the local police he took his own life. Peter Roebuck, he was the former somerset cpatain was on of an eminent journalist, author and cricket commentator

Born to two school teachers in oxford Roebuck went on to become a fine batsman for somerset and in this captaincy Somerset achived great height in terms of success in winning matches

He is knowon more for his writing than his runs and centuries, he was a regual contributer to espn star sports crickt coulmuns and this famous coulmnist was also a very fine commentator.

He was a very strong voice in the crickt world, his insightful writing and commenting had been appreciated for years. After he took a break from cricket he preffered to share his time between Australia and South Africa, living in Sydney and Pietermaritzburg. He never believed in projecting nationalism in his writing and he advised not to instill nationalism in writing or commenting. Ian chapple, the former Australian cpatian and a fellow commentator said Peter was always nice company around the press box and in person. Though he was considered as a loner but he was a man of immense insight, extarordinary sense of humor.

Insident of his death occurred last night in a mysterious circumstance in his hotel room in South Africa, Peter Roebuck committed suicide while being questioned by police over an alleged sexual sultan inquest has been put forth by the police and as per the eyewitness, two policemen came into his hotel room to inquire about a sexual assault and he was in a state of shock and he committed suicide.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Sports| Date : November 14,2011

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