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Pierre Omidyar was born in 21st June 1967 to Iranian Parents. His father was a surgeon while his mother was a well-known academician. Pierre completed his academic qualifications from USA when his parents moved in USA.

Pierre Omidyar is an internet billionaire having a net worth of 8.5 Billion dollar. He founded ebay in mid 1990’s and the IPO of ebay made him a billionaire when he was only 31. Ebay is an internet auction market place.


Pierre Omidyar horoscope

His Lagna is cancer with Jupiter and Venus. Placement of Jupiter and Venus in Lagna has fortified he lagna, as a result of which he became popular from a very young age. Jupiter’s influence on the ascendant makes one very knowledgeable, spiritual and fortunate. Jupiter is his lagna lord as well as the lord of 9th house.  Jupiter the planet of fortune gets exalted in cancer. Exaltation of Jupiter placed in the ascendant makes the native successful, lucky, philanthropist  while another very auspicious plant of luxury and wealth, Venus is placed is placed with Jupiter and influences the lagna. As venus is a money-giver and placed in Lagna it generally tends the mind of the native towards wealth creation while Jupiter, another planet of wisdom and wealth is also a planet of charity. This combination in the ascendant made him a billionaire as well as a philanthropist.

1998 he became a billionaire during the end of Venus period and mercury sub period. Venus is placed 5th from Arudha Lagna and in the 1st house.

Mars is in the 3rd house gave him entrepreneurial ability. Moon placed in the 5th house and is debilitated where as it occupies cancer Navamsha. Even though moon is debilitated it gets his own Navamsha. Debilitated planets aspecting the 11th house from Arudha gives abundance of wealth. Moon as a planet of masses gave him wealth through sale and purchase by masses. Uranus aspects the 11th from AL gives him an internet business.

Karakamsha Lagna has mercury and Saturn is 10th from it is a well-known sign of fame.

Raj Yogas formed in his chart

Hamsha : Jupiter in Kendra in D-1

Vesi : Jupiter venus 2nd from sun

Budha-Aditya : Sun mercury together.

Yogoda formed by Jupiter.

DOB: June 21 1967

8.30 Am

Paris, France

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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