Planets 8th from AL (Arudha Lagna)

Planets from Arudha Lagna tell about the perception about the person. Most often the projected perceptions about a living and non-living thing tells a lot about them. Perceptions of good and bad about a person create their image in the society and the image becomes his/her brand value. A person having a strong image means strong brand value. Arudhas are much more than perceptions as well and indicates true potentials of a person, his health, wealth and happiness.

8th house is more of a hidden, underground and a dark sphere of the zodiac while it’s contains in it all the secret, you may say secret knowledge or secret or hidden wealth. 8th house is the mysterious unknown of our mind and only few of the humans can unleash it.

So planets good or bad 8th from Arudha or aspecting the 8th house from Arudha must have their implication based on the strength of the planet. Good planets aspecting the 8th from Arudha or placed there in gives secret support to the native from the significations that the planet indicates while evil planets may have the evil implication.  From AL8 one can also look for longevity, health or secret addictions that can adversely impact the health of the native.

8th house is also called the house of rebirth or transformation; hence planets from AL here have the ability to transform the native either for good or bad.

As a money house (2nd from 7th) it has it should scrutinized in order to find out money potentials from other people or partners of business or married partner.

Colonel Sanders founder of KFC has mercury 8th from AL. Mercury is the 7th and 10th lord and is placed 8th from AL tells about his secret chicken recipe that went on to become a multinational food brand.

Sri Aurobindo Ghose, Indian philosopher, Yogi, mystic and poet had Saturn and Moon placed in the 8th from AL in Jupiter’s house tells about his inclination towards mysticism.

Donald Trump has Mercury in 8th house from AL while Jupiter aspects the same, he has been a rich, famous and transformed himself and his business towards different directions, Jupiter’s aspect on AL8 perhaps saved his business from getting bankrupt, He always got support from the influential and rich ( Jupiter )

Mukesh Ambani AL8 has aspect of Mars (Engineering), Saturn (Petroleum) and Jupiter (Finance and Insurance) transformed his business in such a way that he became the richest man of India.

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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