Pooja Misrra controversy

Pooja Misrra and controversy seem to be deeply connected. Pooja Misrra, one of the Big Boss 5 contestants recently seen abusing a hotel staff, slapped her several times when tried to touch her luggage. She was seen using bad words saying, I will break your head like I broke your mobile phone. One of the staff who was manhandled by her tried to record everything on his mobile phone.




Pooja Misrra was in controversy when she used bad words for Sonakshi Sinha and her family saying they were trying to perform black magic on her.


Even she dragged into controversy when she filed an FIR against Rohit Narang, Isha Koppikar’s husband alleging that he and his brother tried to molest her.

What is the worth of bad publicity and such kind of controversy when it is a very known fact that hindi film industry is a very small industry and every publicity gets noticed either in a good way or bad way.


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