Pooja Misrra delhi store fight

Big Boss 5 contestant Pooja Misrra has a strange connection with controversy. She comes into limelight through bad press due to her controversial actions.

This time it all happened at a Delhi store when she was seen fighting with two men at the store, she assaulted and manhandled them, verbally abused them. She eventually pulled out a pistol and targeted towards them. The above highlighted statement was what various news channels wrote. But if you see the clip I have posted here, it is not clear who started the fight. It was clear that the two men started passing comments on her, during that she was talking to the police and complaining about the two boys. The boys were continuously on their verbal warfare, they also seen using filthy, objectionable words, she reacted to the same by kicking one of them and slapping him twice whilethe other man standing next to him pushed her and tried to slap her. This continued for some time till the two men left the shop.

 It was eventually captured by a mobile camera.

Though the police officials are investigating the incident they have not yet registered any complaint against anyone. Pooja Missra is not in a mood to talk to the police while she


Pooja Misrra known for criticizing Sonakshi Sinha for her dressing sense got notoriety while she was also seen slapping a hotel staff earlier.


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