Post 26/11 Mumbai terror attack

In the wake of 26/11 terror attack in 2008 three key leaders of UPA resigned. Following the resignation of Home minister Patil Maharashtra chief minister and deputy chief minister quit from their positions. The reason was public anger and pressure from media which acted as the voice of the angry masses and of course there was huge pressure from the opposition Party BJP. Just to pacify all of them congress party decision might have made the three leaders quit acknowledging the major security lapses which threatened the country in such a way that it almost created turmoil. Flash backs may bring those horrific memories back.
1993 mumbai bomb blast was a well-planned attack in retaliation to Babri Mosque demolition which will be remembered as the black Friday for India while 2008 attack was a severe blow to the security which later raised alarm for better security for the terror-pron key cities in india.
26/11 attack was sponsored by islamic terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is a declared terror organisation in India, USA, UK and the UN. There were more than 10 co-ordinated bombing and shooting attacks which killed more than 175 people and injured hundreds creating wide-spread threat to the country and fear among people including the elite.
8 attacks took place in the busy south mumbai which is also a business point : attacks were targeted at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident,the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower,Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, Nariman House,the Metro Cinema.
There was an explosion in mazagaon in the port area and a bomb exploded in vile parle in a taxi. It took 2 days to keep the situation under control as by the early morning of 28thnov situation was declared as under control. NSG was pressed to action to secure TAJ Hotel where people had been held hostage. NSG named the operation black torando and successfully saved TAJ from further attack. The only militant who was alive and captured is Ajmal Kasab who is still alive and living in jail lavishly under z security.
Initially Pakistan denied Ajmal kasab’s pakistan connection but later on Pakistan itself reported that Ajmal kasab has a connection with LET and is from pakistan. Under pressure from india and from outside pakistan busted some of the key places of  LeT and booked some militants in connection to the 26/11 terror atatck.
Inncent lives were lost and our soilders were martyred. We only remember the heroes when 26/11 comes and express condolence when we watch some news about mumbai attack. Media hilights the black day of 26/11 and then candle lights are put on and some moments of silent we observe, then we go back home and forgets everything. This is what happens. Neither the Govt is serious not the Media and not even we people.After two years being past 26/11 what have we done ? What action Govt took to book the planners of 26/11 ? Why the LeT master minds are not yet brought to India. Why we are so passive and lethergic in resolving disputes with Pakistan where as the Pakistani terror groups are aggressive in their approach. What steps the Govt took to create an international lobby to book and ban the terror organisations in Pakistan where India is the prime target .
Ajmal kasab told the court that he wanted to make a confession and when asked what he wanted to confess he said he wanted to communicate the world that he has no feeling of guilt and no remorse. Ours is such a great country that even the henious criminals like Ajmal Kasab who killed hundreds on our own soil is yet safe in the police custody and creates an impression in pakistan that he is still their hero alive in enemy soil. While we have almost forgetten our herors and martyrs and our judiciray system is so weak that it has yet deciding upon what to do with Ajmal Kasab. Our Govt I believe is not protecting the terrorist then why it creats such an impression in delaying justice. Massive money thats been spent on kasab’s security is a sheer wastage of taxpayer’s money.
 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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