Post Pregnancy stress of my wife has made me love starved

I am 35 year old male and my wife is 31. I work in an MNC while my wife worked as a teacher in a reputed private school in Mumbai. We have 2 year old baby girl. My problem is after child birth my wife is no more interested in sex.

She even does not allow me touch her sexually.  She talked about pain during intercourse, as per her when she delivered she had experienced a lot of pain and it is still like a nightmare for her, I consulted a doctor who prescribed some medicines for pain during sex, I expected she will be ok but the root cause of the problem is that she is no more interested in it.

Such kinds of issues are very common.  Married men who have a healthy sex drive usually show their sexual frustration to their wives but when they do not get proper co-operation they resort to either masturbation or go for paid sex or a possible extra marital affair cannot be ruled out.


Low libido, painful sexual intercourse, post- natal depression is some of the symptoms after pregnancy. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through hormonal changes which affect her both physically as well as emotionally. During and after pregnancy she should be given extra love and care from her husband, this will help her in getting back to normal. As a husband you should not force your wife to have sex, if you do so this will be no less than rape. Nurture her emotional entity, love her as much as you can, in case of pain during intercourse you can consult a gynecologist while her fear of having sex can be solved through proper counseling, husbands should act as counsellors for their wives. You can also consult a psychologist if the problem still persists.


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