POT coin vs Hemp coin : Two shady crypto coins

POT coin is a big scam like hemp coin. Both of these coins have onething in common.They know when to pump in exchange and 

When to dump. POT last pumped a year ago. Hemp coin in the name of masternode engaged in pump and dump many times.

Even If Hemp coin was successful in that scammy masternode thing, guys to be honest mastrnode is nothing but a scam scheme.

POT coin is recently delisted form poloneix exchange and now it's in Bittrex only. Bittrex has been delisting Coins which

have very low volume and less development scope.

While Hemp coin is only available in Bittrex. Mangement of hemp coin is shady and they dont have enough developement scope neither they would list in any other exchange.


as well as they dont have enough money to sustain in crypto market and with 1 or 2 developers they will never be able to do any ground breaking technical enhancement. Before it's too late move out of POT and Hemp.

Instead of investing in such coins which can anytime get delisted from the only exchange they are in. Better to invest in somethingelse.



By : Admin| Company Name : POT coin vs Hemp coin : Two shady crypto coins| Title : Crypto coin|Date : October 16,2018

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