Power of the soul

God helps those who help themselves. God is with those who have faith in their hearts. Sadness and happiness alternate, what really matters is our self-made principles or the spiritual ways toward life. Different people lead different life styles, way of living, and way of thinking, behavioral pattern and by combining all these they become fulfilled in themselves. Do we know why we fight against the will of destiny? Why a poor fights all through life to become fairly successful in terms of money or why a criminal wants to give up crime? Yes it is our never ending struggle to become perfect in the eye of God. Even the most dreaded criminal knows that he may die one day as he has done so much bad to the world then why he keeps himself stick to his path of death. He keeps him in the bad world of crime as he has knowingly or unknowingly hates himself. No one can become a good human being as long as self-hatred exists. Those who love themselves can only love others while people who hate others indeed do not love them. Perfection comes from practice and when we practice only good we can become good. Mediation takes us to a different world as I knew about it when I first got delved into it for the first time. You may feel like a yogi in the same dwelling when you give up all that you know as impediments to your spiritual development. I may say that thrive upon the sanctity of your good deeds you may not get anything material by doing so and you may end up getting nothing material but the kind of inner satisfaction you may get from it will define and redefine you as someone special from within. The whole world may not approve you as someone special but your soul will always accept you as a good human being. There is a huge death of good humans in the world as we perhaps know then why not give a try to become good

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

To be included in the book the power of self-help

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 10,2011

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